What’s the Fuss about Digital Planners

Welcome to my new website which is going to focus on Printables and Digital Planners.  To start off with I thought I would like to talk in more detail about digital planners and what they are. If you are new to using them then this overview will be helpful.

My goal is to help you use your new planners and for those of you who are interested to help you get started creating your own printables or digital planner business.

Why Digital Planners?

The great thing about Digital Planners is that you can view them on your mobile devices such as your iPhone, iPad & tablets. You do need an App to view the planner and there are different ones that you can use. Goodnotes 5 is a popular one for Apple devices.

When you purchase or download a digital planner you will recieve a PDF file. Basically a Digital Planner is a PDF file that becomes interactive, making it digital. Plus a huge benefit is that you can carry it with you on your mobile device!

Another great feature of digital planners is that they are clickable. This means you can click your way around the planner, instead of having to turn pages or navigate back and forth.

Digital Planner Features

Everything you see in the image on the right is clickable.

So you have tabs and images, clicking on the image or tab will take you to the corresponding section in the planner.

You will also notice that there are two Sticker Pages users love stickers and this is a fantastic way to decorate your planner so that it suits your taste. Plus, you can be assured, that even if someone else purchases the same planner no two are going to look the same.

On top of this you can purchase Digital Covers for your planners and this is a way to make yours unique to you.

Here’s an image of one.It has blue tones with a floral clasp on it.

You can see it in one my planners for sale in my store here.

It even comes with a set of stickers so you can customize your planner and the cover. Or you can purchase other sticker packs instead.

The digital covers can also be purchased individually as well.

Using Your Digital Planner

Once you have uploaded your digital planner into your iPad or tablet the fun starts, now you get to play with it and customize it.

You will see that you can move pages around, delete them or duplicate them. This way you can organize your planner just the way you like.

For example you may prefer to have your appointment pages first, then your goal page. Or you might like your health tracker pages at the front. It’s easy to move them around and get them in the order you prefer.

It may take a bit of adjusting to learn how to navigate and use your planner but just make the time to practice with it. There are also lots of Facebook groups that you can join and get help with your new planner.  Be sure to check out my group as well, you can ask to join here.