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About Me

Hi and welcome to my site. I’m Sue, and I love creating printables and planners. I enjoy using printables and find they are a wonderful way to organize your life, both personal and business. 

I am a wife and mom to two grown boys and we currently live in the Ontario countryside north of Toronto. Both my husband and I love dogs and have always owned Labrador Retrievers. Our current dog Sakima, is a rescue dog, and while he has been a bit of a handful is turning into a very lovable and protective dog. 

Sakima on a chair

He loves to sit on lawn chairs, now that he is full grown at 100 lbs, he’s almost a bit too big for that.

Other things that we love to do are to go for lots of walks, camping and fishing. We try to get out for a walk almost every day. Sakima loves his walks and we all need the exercise. 

That’s one of the downsides to working from home, it’s super easy to neglect getting your exercise. Having a dog makes you need to go for a walk whether you really want to or not. Of course, once we are at the park walking you feel glad that you took a break and went out. 

Elizabeth Of course life likes to throw us a curve balls whenever it can. 

We were blessed with a wonderful grand-daughter for a few years. Unfortunately she developed childhood cancer and we lost her shortly after she turned 4 years old. Here’s a photo of her with Skyla our other black lab.

My Vision

My vision and goal for this site is to have a project that is fun to do! I plan on writing about creating and using printables and planners in your life. If you would love to have a printable store or ecommerce site, then I will be sharing with you how I created my business, and how you can do the same too.

Meet Sue


While I currently live in Ontario, Canada I was actually born and raised in the U.K. I grew up always wanting to travel and after school I traveled and lived in Munich, Germany for almost a year. The Alps are a beautiful place and I also visited Salzburg, Austria.

Back home I still had the travel bug and did the Nanny thing and came to Canada. That was over 33 years ago and I liked to say that I flew 3,000 miles and married the boy next door!

I look forward to getting to know you as well and what you are all about. I would love to connect with you on Social Media, just follow my links on this blog to connect.

Thanks for visiting!


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