Do you dream of being able to publish your journals and planners on sites like Amazon? Have you tried to do this and then given up because the process is super time consuming? Well not to worry, this week I started to publish my journals and planners and ended the week with several books on my author page

I often read about people publishing 50 or more journals in a day, and to me this is just overwhelming. For starters I just don't have the time to do that many in one day, plus my internet speed is not the fastest either. It can take me quite a while to upload any type of file. 

My Lazy Publishing Method

Last week I decided that I wanted to start publishing more content that included journals and planners in many different forms. Books such as Wedding Planners, Teachers Planners, Lined Notebooks and more. 

So here's how I went from zero books to 7 journals in just seven days. 

I love using templates and it's very easy to find journal and planner templates that you can customize. This saves you a ton of time and really cuts down on the entire process in regards to your time. 

So I simply decided that I would create one journal or planner each day and get it uploaded to Amazon KDP. 

After deciding which template to use I quickly added a few customization's to it. This included adding a new Belongs to Page at the beginning of the book, add my copyright information, and then adding a resource page at the back of the book. On some of the pages I downloaded some graphics and used those.  Once it was ready I saved it as a PDF file and it was done! 

The next step was creating a cover. Now some template packages come with covers and others don't. You can create your cover in a variety of ways including creating one in PowerPoint, Canva, Photoshop or any other design tool of your choice. Of course, you could get one created for you on sites like Fiverr, but be sure to include a legal image that they can use. 

I like to use Photoshop and it's not that hard to create a cover using it. The longest part is finding an image to use. You can get free photos from places like Pixabay, Unsplash and Freepik or paid sites like Deposit Photos. 

Before uploading my journal I did some research on places like Amazon, Pinterest and Etsy to see what the various planners looked like. The colors and images that people are using and just the basic look of the interior and the covers. 

I then opened up a Notebook file and started doing some keyword research, Ubersuggest is great for this. I just made notes of the keywords that I wanted to use. 

My next step was to write a description and look at the different categories that I could list my journal in. 

Once I did this a few times the process got faster, but I was still able to upload one journal per day for all of last week. I just did one piece at a time during the day, in between other projects I was doing. It really didn't feel like a long or tiring process at all. 

When it came to uploading my manuscript and cover then I just started the upload and went outside with the dog, had lunch or just sat outside enjoying the sunshine. Before I knew it, all the parts were uploaded and after checking my manuscript in the previewer, approved it for publishing. 

So if you have dreams of creating any type of book you can do it if you take the process and break it down into smaller steps. 

Let me know if you get a journal or planner published, I would love to see what you created.