Gardening can be one of those activities that someone is really good at or that someone is really bad at. 

Whether you call yourself a professional gardener, a hobby gardener, or you only garden because you have to, gardening can bring a lot of joy and a lot of stress relief to a busy and stressful day at work.

Gardening can be a springtime goal or it can be your present endeavor. 

Maybe you are desiring to grow a beautiful lucious garden. Or maybe, you have already started your garden, but you need extra support. Maybe you already have a thriving garden full of all your favorite flowers and vegetables. 

Our My Garden Memories Printable Pack gives you the tools to help you grow your garden, stay organized, and let your garden thrive with beauty!

This journal has 30 ready to use templates to help you keep track of your garden all year long!

Some pages the journal pack includes are: annual rainfall tracker, to do list, pets and plant planner, visual journal pages, potted plant planner.

Also, monthly templates in various designs to help you keep track of various tasks that need to be done and keep a running log of what you have already completed.

The planner pages are according to the season and season template to help you keep track of your seasonal goals, seasonal budget, and plan for the next season.

And lastly,  a flower planting tracker to help you recall what you planted, when you planted it, and observations you make as your plant grows. 

Once you print the journal pages, you can put them in plastic sheet protectors and in a binder to keep safe in your garden shed or home. You can print as many as you would like.  They will be ready and available to you when you need them.

This journal will help you stay organized with each plant in your garden, with each season you plant new plants. It will help you organize what needs to be done in the garden, what you need to purchase for your garden, planning for the next season, tracking the rainfall, and keeping an eye on the diseases that could be affecting your plants. 

One of the things I love about this Garden Pack is the organizational aspect! Each plant needs a certain amount of attention, and depending on how many plants you have in your growing garden, keeping track can get confusing.

The second thing I love about this journal is that you can take pictures of flowers and vegetables in your garden and add them to the “Visual Journal Pages”. You can see how your garden has blossomed over time. You can also show these off to friends!

Visit our store to find and purchase this journal so you are ready for the next planting season!