With every new month comes new excitement, new to-do tasks, new struggles, and new areas we need to move in to make life run more smoothly. 

And maybe more importantly, new ways to find “me” time within our busy daily routine. 

May is an exciting month!

It is a transition month from spring to summer. The kids--if you have them-- are getting out of school, it is beginning to get warm again, and summer activities are starting!

This can also be a stressful time figuring out how to entertain the kids on a daily basis, what tasks you need to get done each day to help you manage more time to spend with the kids, and planning how to spend time on yourself so you can recharge too. 

Our May Themed Coloring Pack is the saving grace to a crazy start to the summer.

This coloring pack will help you plan out each day with the weekly and daily planner pages, plan meals with the May Menu page, and it offers you encouragement quotes on different coloring quote pages. 

This journal pack also includes 17 templates including: a cover page, undated calendar, an “I’m Grateful” page, a weekly planner, a daily planner, a May menu, 5 coloring quote pages, and 6 coloring pages without quotes.

This “I’m grateful for” page is a wonderful page to help you reflect on the aspects of life you are most thankful for. We sometimes have a hard time focusing on the positive areas and people in our life, we tend to focus on things that need correcting or things that we do not like. 

Take this journal, find a quiet space outside in the sunshine, and take a moment to reflect on the areas of your life you are truly thankful for.

Our May Menu is a mom’s dream! With the kids ending the school year, activities can be busy. And with busy schedules, comes unhealthy eating. 

This menu is an easy way to keep track of what meal you will eat for each main meal of the day. Plan your meals out at the beginning of the week, write them here, and stay on top of your healthy eating habits during the busy times!

Head over to our store to purchase this life-saving May Coloring Pack! There are many more pages to color, help you plan, and have an exciting month!

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