Have you ever searched and searched for a beautiful border to use for a personal journal, notebook, school projects, or to use with a gift? 

Better yet! Have you been looking for that little “extra” to beautify your to-do list, so you actually feel like working on completely that list?

We designed these beautiful borders with many different ways to use them.

This Decorative Border Pack contains 29 pages of beautiful border designs!

One of the other beauties of this pack is that the pack and it’s pages are delivered as a PDF. They are instantly delivered to you. No wait time! They are printed from your own computer and you can color them to match whatever you wish to match them with. Even print them on cardstock paper!

Color them your favorite color. Color code different pages for different tasks or projects. If your giving one as a gift, color them the receivers favorite colors. The pages are completely customizable to what you wish to use them for and how you add color!

This customizable page in the journal has two different pieces to it! The border outlines a portion of the page where you can add in a picture of a loved one or a pet. You can draw a picture in this space also. Really, use it how you please! This page also lets you add text! This page is perfect for a letter to a dear friend or loved one. The image box makes the page more personable and genuine.

This page is great for short notes or quotes to your friends and family! You can even make them into gift bag tags for your perfect gift! Cut the borders out, color them, write your favorite quote, words of encouragement, name of the person the gift is for, and give them out!

Okay, last beauty of this pack. You can print them out as many times as you wish and use them as many times as you wish! The file is downloaded on your computer, so you have lifetime access to all the pages! 

Don’t miss out on this beauty! Visit our store to find and purchase this beautiful border pack so you are ready for your next gift or letter!