Life loves to throw curve balls at you in unexpected ways. Twenty five years ago this November we lost our mom to cancer. It was sudden and once she was diagnosed she literally just had a few weeks left. I was living in Canada at this time, married with two small boys and had to leave to go and visit, thankfully my husband was able to get time off work to stay home with the boys. Little did I know as I flew over to the U.K. that I would be going to her funeral. It was hard enough to think I had to go to say goodbye and not see her again on the flight over. No-one likes to see a loved one suffer, and as much as you want your mom to be around forever, it was a relief to know that she wasn’t suffering any more.

Just prior to this my husband had lost his mom to cancer after a 5 year battle. So the C word wasn’t something we needed to hear about for a long time.

Life went on and in 2013 was blessed to have a grand-daughter, Elizabeth. She was a beautiful baby, but did seem to get sick a lot. When she was almost 2 she developed lots of stomach aches that had her crying in pain and sending her to the emergency a few times. It was there they discovered that she had a form of stomach cancer that was hard to beat, the survival rate was only 25%.

Elizabeth and the doctors at the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto battled for just under 2 years to fight this disease. It was slowly spreading to other parts of her body. Last October her mom was told that they could try another round of chemo or just let things be. She didn’t want Elizabeth to suffer any more and took her home. She passed away on Nov 20, 2017 after just turning 4. No one should have their life cut so short, and we should never have to hold a funeral for a child. She never even experienced the fun of going to school, a first kiss or even thinking about her future.

Right after her funeral I remember getting a wicked cold and sore throat that just wouldn’t go away. After going to the doctors he discovered a big lump on my thyroid and that put us into another cancer scare. Appointments, ultra sounds and a needle biopsy should that for now the nodule was benign, but it was pretty big. This fall the nodule was beginning to bother me a lot and causing pressure on my throat and sometimes making it hard to eat.  I underwent thyroid surgery in November to have one side removed and this allows them to do a full biopsy on the nodule. Thankfully the biopsy came back benign. 

To hear that you might have cancer twice in one year is not good. As much as I kept saying as I was going to get healthy, lose weight and exercise more I just put it off. Until now that is. It was scary to face surgery, it was a two hour operation, and took me a good two weeks to recover from it. It's amazing how much you need your neck muscles to do simple tasks such as getting out of bed in the morning. So glad I has my husband to help out. 

All this time I had been working on building an online business and the growth has been fantastic. But what is it really worth if your health isn't good enough to enjoy the money? 

Going through all of this made me take a step back and think about what I wanted to do with my business and my life. We want to travel, hopefully move to a lakefront home and just enjoy our lives. 

While I totally love creating products for others, up until now all my products had a commercial license. That allowed my customers to use the source files to create their own products. I felt as though I needed a different outlet, where I could be more creative and create products for personal use instead. 

So that is the reason I started this site. I want to improve my own health and to hopefully enjoy more grand-children in the future, travel  and I want to share my experience with you all. So this site is going to be about printables with bits of health and travel info thrown into the mix as well. 

My Mission

To inspire others to use my printables in all aspects of their lives and to join me as I venture on this new journey. I will share any tools and resources I can to help you achieve your goals too.

Thank you!