Over the years we accumulate large amounts of stuff. We keep it because we think we might use it in the future. Which is a completely valid reason! You never know what you’re going to need! 

But, do you ever find that when you do declutter and organize the house you feel emotionally relaxed!

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. 

Our 30 Steps to Declutter your Home Journal is here to help!

Our Declutter Journal has 256 pages to help you declutter and organize your home in an efficient manner. 

The journal has sections to help you organize your bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and many other areas of your home. 

One of my favorite aspects of this journal is how easy it is to use! Each section--or location of the house-- contains different pages to help you organize on a deeper level.

The To-Do list helps you get an idea of what needs to be done in each room! Normally, I would write an overall task list of what needed to be done throughout the entire house. In one long list. This page helps categorize by room!

When I am ready to organize a specific room, I simply take the list with me and get started.

The best part of this to-do list page is that it can be printed as many times as you need! Don’t worry about writing on another piece of paper, just print another list!

Also, each section has pages to help you organize which items you want to keep, which items you want to donate, and which items you want to sell. 

And most importantly, each sections gives you an opportunity to reflect on how you feel after the cleaning is finished. 

Don’t miss out on 30 Steps to Decluttering your Home Journal to help you get your home decluttered and organized quick! 

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